Green Gift Ideas – Don’t Give A Thing!

Green gift ideasI don’t mean not to give anything as a gift, but rather don’t give a ‘Thing”… a thing being an object that takes up space, isn’t really wanted and quickly becomes clutter to be discarded before next Christmas. It’s fine if you know that someone really wants that object, will use it and appreciate it, but what about all those other unwanted gifts that nestle under the tree.

Here are some green gift ideas that aren’t things, won’t take up any space and will be appreciated all the more for that.

Everyone loves a massage, but how many of us actually treat ourselves to one regularly? A gift of a massage session with a skilled masseur, whether it is an aromatherapy massage, a foot massage with pedicure or any other pampering treatment is a Christmas gift that is bound to be appreciated by most women and many men. Choose a therapy centre near the recipient, or a luxury spa, depending on your budget, pay for the massage and ask them to give you a voucher to be used any time in the next few months.

Photography Courses
How many budding photographers do you know who are struggling to learn all their camera functions and would love to learn how to take better photos? Why not arrange a photography course or workshop for them as a gift.  A one-on-one workshop gives them a chance to ask all the questions they need and focus on their particular area of photography or a longer course gives them time to practice their skills in a group.

Flower pictures
Looking for an inexpensive gift idea – how about selecting and downloading some flower pictures from a photo gallery online. They can be downloaded in several sizes depending on what you want to do with them –  the small size suitable for web use can cost as little as $1, larger ones for web use $3 and sizes for printing from $10. So you can get some beautiful flower art for very little.

Meal out for Two
When budgets are stretched almost the first thing we cut is eating out. The gift of a meal out at a good local restaurant would delight many couples. Arrange with the restaurant for a voucher and check with them the average price of a three course meal.

Tickets for a Concert or Show
Is there a band coming to town that they love, or perhaps the Kirstenbosch summer concerts if you’re in Cape Town. Surprise them with tickets for the show.

Download books
Have they got a kindle or other digital reader?  A Kindle book download voucher is a very green gift – just make sure that you know which format they use.

Eco travel
If you really want to splash out on a gift, how about paying for holiday in an unspoilt paradise, where the locals are restoring a coral reef and need the support of travelers to fund the process – perhaps the flights make it less green overall, but as a gift it certainly would wow the recipient!

If you want to have something tangible to put under the tree, how about a home-made card on recycled paper that contains a voucher or a slip of paper telling what the gift is going to be.

More green gift ideas that aren’t just clutter.

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