Use QR codes for Smart and Green Business Cards

Green QR code design for business cards

A QR code with a difference

While we’re not quite ready to get rid of business cards and go paperless, there are ways of making them greener. Hi-tech ways that don’t necessarily involve recycled paper and re-used packaging. QR codes are the latest ingenious solution. They are simply printed graphic codes, like bar codes but more complex, that can be scanned by a Smartphone with the appropriate app.

The code printed on your business card can contain all your contact details, to make it easier for a new contact to input them into their phone – one click of the camera button and it’s done. This can save on the number of business cards that you have to give out – once the details are inputted some contacts won’t bother to keep the card, so it can be re-used again and again for scanning purposes.

QR codes can also contain urls, so that with one click your contact can go straight to a web page, an electronic brochure, or whatever.

So, at business networking events, your business cards could save you needing to print off fliers or brochures altogether. Send your new contacts straight to a page that is updated regularly with all your latest offers or new services. The QR code doesn’t need to change, all you have to do is update the page it links to, according to the event you are attending.

If you have several different lines of products or services, you might consider having different versions of your business card printed with QR codes linking to different websites or pages. The great thing about these codes is that they can become effective design elements in themselves, making it easier to differentiate between them.

Talk to a designer or printer who is experienced in QR codes to get the best ideas for your smart and green business cards.

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