Green Beach Living

plastic-bags-turtlesPlastics in the ocean are one of the world’s biggest ecological disasters, affecting all sorts of marine life, from the largest of whales to turtles and small fish.

While it may feel like one person can’t do much to make a difference to that sea of plastic floating out there in the Pacific Ocean, there is something practical that each of us can do on a local scale.

Every time you go to the beach for a walk, a picnic or a day in the sun, take along an extra plastic bag… taking more plastic to the beach, you say???

Yes, take a bag, any bag, and fill it with plastic rubbish picked up from the beach. Better still, take one for each member of the family and spend your first ten minutes at the beach on a mini beach clean-up. Collect up those sweet wrappers, plastic bags, odds and ends of torn plastic, disposable spoons, ketchup sachets and even those tiny bits of unidentiifiable degraded plastic.  Then, once you’ve had a day of fun and sunshine, take it away with you and dispose of it safely.

Almost every beach on our coastline has plastic rubbish on it, either from beach-goers or washed up by the tide and all of that plastic that gets washed in, can get washed back out again, creating more rafts of plastic particles that threaten us all.

While your one bagful of rubbish may not make a global difference, the more people who start taking responsibility and cleaning up, the cleaner our beaches will be, and the better chance our local marine life will have to avoid snacking on a fatal piece of plastic.

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