LED Lighting Rebates From Eskom

LED-light-bulbs-eskomHave you been thinking of going greener at home but haven’t got around to it yet. Eskom’s latest residential rebate program might be just the incentive you need. They are offering to replace existing halogen downlighters with LED lighting alternatives for free! If it seems too good to be true check out the details as laid out by Eskom’s service provider on this project.

The aim is to reduce peak time electricity usage, which is why they focus on downlighters rather than any other type of light bulbs – old-style halogen downlighters are notoriously power hungry. Also on offer are CFLs (to exchange for old incandescent bulbs), low flow showerheads and water geyser timers, pre-set to switch off the geyser at peak electricity times. Pool pump times similarly programmed are also part of the roll-out.

If you’re interested there is still time to sign up, but not for long as it the roll-out ends on 28th February, or earlier if the allocated stocks are finished.

What if you’ve missed the deadline, or if you don’t have halogens but would still like to switch over to LED light bulbs in your home? Well it’s not as enticing as getting it all for free, but there are specialist suppliers of LED lighting, low flow showerheads and geyser timers who can help you make the changes just as efficiently and may be able to offer expert advice on even more ways of saving energy and cutting down your electricity bills.

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