Green Winter Warmers – Draught Excluders

Draught excludersNow that autumn has hit Cape Town, with a breath of winter to come, it’s time to think of keeping warm and keeping down those electricity bills.

We all know that good insulation is key to reducing heat loss and beating the cold winter nights, but rather than starting a major project, let’s look at a small, very do-able DIY measure to keep warmer this winter – keeping out those sneaky draughts, which chill feet and ankles and persuade us to turn up the heater another notch.

Draught excluders are so easy to make that even a total non-sewer like me could make one, if only I’d get around to it. Here are a few tips I’ve gathered together to help me make mine.

Tips for making a draught excluder

  • All you need is a length of material a little longer than your door and at least 40cm wide, and something to fill it with.
  • You can use sand to fill a heavy draught excluder, or  cut up old tee-shirts and ragged clothes to stuff a lighter one. Other suggestions are rice or lentils.
  • You can even re-purpose legs of old jeans or sleeves of old shirts to make the excluders.
  • The leg of an old pair of tights can be used as a liner to hold the stuffing, so that the cover can be washed easily.
  • They can be fancy or plain, given tongues and eyes to look like snakes or even, for internal doors, made as double excluders that stay with the door as it opens.
  • If you want to be clever you can attach a loop to the end, so that the draught excluder can be hung on the back of the door when not in use.

Once you have a few draught excluders positioned at the base of all your outside doors you should find that your toes stay warmer and that there is less need to turn up the heating on windy winter nights.

I’m going to try making one out of an old pair of corduroy children’s trousers. Will let you know how it works out!

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