Natural Deodorants – Make Your Own with Coconut Oil

coconut oil deodorantIf you are looking for a healthier and greener alternative to regular deodorants then the simplest solution is to make your own. This may sound all too way out and crunchy granola hippy, but it’s easy and what is more important it works!

Years ago I switched from roll-ons to rock crystal deodorants, thinking that these were totally safe and free of the aluminium that makes the regular products a health worry.(Aluminium has been linked with breast cancer and Alzheimers.) I also used to get rashes even from the sensitive skin formulas, and the crystals were much milder and more natural. Recently however I read up more on them to find that they do actually have an aluminium compound in the crystal and, though they are a better option than regular anti-perspirants, which block up pores as well as being chemical heavy, they are still not the perfect solution. Then my crystal deo stopped working for me (something which apparently can happen) and I was desperate for something else healthy and green that actually works.

I found this home-made recipe for a deodorant composed of coconut oil (with its anti-bacterial properties), bicarb (baking soda which neutralises smells) and cornstarch(for dryness). All you do is mix it up in a jar and apply a small pea-sized amount daily. The oil melts into your skin and though it feels a little grainy with the bicarb  going on it is perfectly comfortable and doesn’t seem to leave any residue on clothes. I tried it for a couple of weeks before I was convinced enough to share it with my husband and now he’s happily using it too.  And it really does work well, keeping sweaty smells at bay for the whole day.

It has a mild coconut scent, but if you prefer something more definite you can add a few drops of an essential oil, such as lavender or rose geranium to the mix.


Coconut Oil Deodorant Recipe
6 tablespoons coconut oil
4 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
4 tablespooons cornflour/ cornstarch / Maizena

Put your coconut oil in a jam jar. Warm it enough to soften the oil and make it easy to work with. You can put the jar into a bowl of warm water and this should melt it enough. Mix in the bicarb and cornflour until it is all well blended. That’s it.

If you use a wide shallow jar to mix in, it can be used as a long-term container and then you just dip in a finger to get a small amount to apply. Coconut oil tends to get more solid when it’s cold and be softer in summer temperatures, but it keeps with no need to refrigerate it.

This amount lasts two people about three months or so, so is a whole lot cheaper, greener (no plastic dispensers to go to landfill) and healthier than any other deodorant I’ve come across!

Note: Do get a good quality coconut oil, preferably organic if you are trying to go as natural and chemical free as possible.

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